SketchParty TV: Free vs. Paid

Why two editions? What are the differences between the paid and free versions of SketchParty TV?

SketchParty TV was originally introduced as a paid app in 2012, at a time when there was a (small) backlash against in-app purchases among what I consider my core audience for the game (namely smart people like you who value well-made products and don't mind paying for quality).

Since then the prevailing sentiment about IAP has changed.

Now people are generally OK with free apps and IAP, so long as the app is honest. Free apps with IAP almost serve as a sort of "trial version" — try it out for free, and if you like it, buy the extra features.

Main differences between SketchParty TV and SketchParty TV Free:

  Paid Free
Companion iOS & Apple TV apps
Also supports AirPlay
Included Included
Standard word list (1000+ words) in 10 languages
English, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese (and Brazilian Portuguese), Spanish, Greek
Included Included
Custom Word List Editor
Great for classrooms!
Included IAP
Up to 16 total player slots
Free edition: up to 6 slots
Included IAP
Emoji, Sports, Pop Culture Word Lists
Seven additional word lists in all
Included IAP

I created SketchParty TV Free because I want as many people as possible to enjoy it with their families and friends.

The free version has only the standard word list and it doesn't have the custom word list editor. All of the premium word lists and the word list editor are available in the free app as add-on purchases for a small, one-time fee each, or combined for a discount.

Whether you buy the full version or try the free version (and buy IAP later!), thank you for supporting an indie dev by playing SketchParty TV.

Get SketchParty TV

SketchParty TV is available on the iTunes App Store for the special sale price of $5.99 (regularly $9.99). That's far less than the price of a boxed game, and it's more fun!

Download SketchParty TV for iPad and iPhone today.

Note: A free version is also available! Get SketchParty TV Free on the App Store. What's the difference? Read on.

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