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Proud to be featured on-stage in the 2016 Apple WWDC keynote!

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SketchParty TV 4 Released

Magnate Interactive Ltd is pleased to announce the release of SketchParty TV 4.0 for iPhone and iPad, and SketchParty TV for the new Apple TV.

SketchParty TV is the fun, family-friendly party game for the Apple TV, originally released in 2012. It brings a high-tech Pictionary-style game to iPad and iPhone owner’s HDTVs through the magic of AirPlay.

Now, with this new release SketchParty TV for tvOS, the experience has gone native to the Apple TV, enabling sharper graphics, better sound quality, and more fluid animations.

Both the iOS app and Apple TV app have been completely redesigned. The iOS app pairs simply with the Apple TV app over a Wi-Fi network. AirPlay Mirroring is still supported, along with cabled HDMI adapters and third-party AirPlay apps like Reflector.

Great for parties, family gatherings, and events, SketchParty TV offers hours of replay with a standard word list of more than 1000 words. With the Custom Word List editor it’s also an exciting addition to the classroom, and is recommended by Tony Vincent, a world-renowned educational technology consultant and teaching conference speaker.

From Tony’s website, Learning In Hand:

If you have an Apple TV and an iPad, you’ve got to try playing Sketch Party TV with your class. It’s a Pictionary-style drawing and guessing game. The app keeps score and tells you whose turn it is to draw. While it is advertised as a party game, teachers can input vocabulary words and play as a really fun way for the class to review.

SketchParty TV is a truly social game, and brings back the fun and togetherness of game night in a new, high-tech way. Available as a Universal app for $5.99 (about the same as many Apple TV movie rentals), SketchParty TV is fun to play at impromptu gatherings or to plan a party around.

Matt Braun, creator of SketchParty TV:

I made SketchParty TV to bring families and friends together the way game night used to for so many, and to do so with Apple technology. SketchParty TV is a truly social game: instead of playing over the Internet, you can enjoy a shared, in-person experience.

Highlights of SketchParty TV:

  • Updated for the new Apple TV (4th gen). Now uses a native app on the TV to display the game.
  • Apple Pencil support (iPad Pro 12.9 and 9.7 only)
  • Fast, fluid drawing engine. Brush stroke size is determined by drawing speed. Move your finger slowly to get a finer line, and fast to get a thicker line.
  • Standard Word List translated into seven languages
  • Ten additional Word Lists - including an Emoji list!
  • Custom Word List editor, great for classrooms and adding your own words
  • Game Center achievements - get rewarded just for playing the game
  • Review past games - go back and see how well – or not! – you and your friends can draw!
  • Universal app, plays great on iPad or iPhone

More information: http://SketchPartyTV.com
On the App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/app/sketchparty-tv/id500175028

About Magnate Interactive

Magnate Interactive Ltd was started in 2004 by Matt Braun (@mattbraun) as a Flash consultancy. In 2008, Magnate Interactive began a transition from Flash for the desktop to native mobile apps for the iPhone. Magnate Interactive’s first app release, MASH: Mansion Apartment Shack House, has been downloaded more than 14.4 million times on iOS.

Visit the Magnate Interactive website here.

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